When planning a wedding your budget is a huge concern and many people have no idea how much of their budget to allocate for wedding flowers.

So whether you already have a set budget or have no idea where to begin, below is important information to help you.

Kalz Photography

things you should know

  • My minimum for a full service wedding is $2500 before taxes/delivery/set up/breakdown.
  • Micro weddings have a minimum of $500 before taxes/delivery/set up/breakdown. (Micro weddings have a maximum of 50 guests and four in the wedding party.)
  • I also service elopements with no minimum.
  • Any large scale installations (such as arbors/arches/chandeliers) whether for a full scale wedding or micro, will require a set up team.
  • I begin each process with an online wedding consultation form where you get to tell me all about your vision. Once I have your online form we will schedule a free in person or Zoom consultation.
  • After our consultation I will send you two proposals. One is what I call your “wish list” and one is “my recommendations”. We will work together to complete your final proposal.

Things to consider

  • How large is your wedding party?
  • How many family members do you plan on honoring with flowers?
  • Are you considering any large scale installation or arrangements? (ie; arches, garland draping, or chandeliers)
  • How many guest tables are you anticipating?
  • Take your guest tables into consideration. Round tables have less surface area to cover than long rectangular tables.
  • Is your heart set on any luxury or out of season flowers?
  • Allow flexibility. If not in your budget then in your preferences. Before your proposal is sent decide what is most important to you. Such as, is having that luxury flower a priority or your overall floral vision?

I know that this process can be overwhelming, however you can trust that I will go above and beyond, regardless of your budget, to bring your wedding vision to life!


“The flowers were as beautiful as the view! I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful job…An absolute perfect wedding day for my son and his new wife!”