the process – how I realize your vision

Congratulations! I am so excited you decided to reach out. Your email will most likely find me barefoot feeling the earth between my toes while sipping on a big ole glass of sweet tea in my garden. From here we will begin the design process.


Because the majority of my weddings are with destination brides I do my best to make the consultation process as easy as possible. Click on the inquiry link below and I will email you a consultation form to fill out at your convenience. Once I receive your Q & A form I will schedule either an in person or Zoom consultation.

I allow brides to bring additional people to your consultation, however I recommend keeping it a low number. I have found that the more people there are at the consultation the more difficult it is for the brides vision to shine through. (Too many cooks in the kitchen type of thing).


After your consultation you will receive two proposals via email. One is what I refer to as your “Wish List” proposal. This will include everything you wish to have regardless of your budget. You will also receive a proposal titled “My Recommendations”. This will include florals that I recommend so that you have the look and feel of the wedding of your dreams, but within your budget. From there we will work together to create your final proposal. On the final proposal you will receive a glimpse of your inspiration board and a list of the flowers that will be delivered. It will also include a contract and two invoices. One for your deposit and one for your final payment. Once your deposit has been paid your date is locked. I only schedule one wedding per weekend, so once your date is locked you can take comfort in knowing you have my full attention.


In the weeks leading up to your big day I will finalize the details with you, confirm the wedding day contact information (typically the Maid of Honor or Wedding Planners name and phone number), and give you my timeline. I will also request an updated list of all of your wedding vendors names and social media tags (along with any interested wedding party) as I tag them in all of my social media. Aside from that you can rest easy (as far as flowers go).

On your wedding day you can expect me to be at your venue bright and early listening to my eclectic ‘mood of the day’ music which could be anything from 90’s country, tv/musical sound tracks, classic rock, to Christmas music. (Yes, I am one of those people that listens to Christmas music all year round)!

From the moment you send your inquiry, to your special day, you will see that my process is clear and straight forward and I will help guide you through every decision. I can’t wait to hear all about your vision and do my part to ensure the wedding of your dreams.

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